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The elegancy of EdoThe tradition is well kept, and passed down from one generation to the next.

Kaminarimon Ryokan

Early morning at 6 is when you can hear the golden sound of the bell of Senso-ji Temple.
The beautiful morning light glistens against the 5 story pagoda.
Soon enough, the shops nearby will start to open, and the excitement of the Edo will fill the air.
The "tradition" and the "elegancy of Edo" that has been passed down for generations are still very much alive.
People visit Asakusa for many reasons.
The breathtaking view of the cherry blossoms that you can see from "Yakatabune" (Japanese traditional cruising boat), "Sanja Matsuri" (one of the three great festivals of Tokyo), "Hozuki-ichi" (Chinese Lantern Plant Market) and "Hagoita-ichi" (A festival for Japanese traditional game played by children) are a few of the many events that attracts visitors to come to Asakusa.

Kaminarimon Ryokan, which was built in 1947 led its life alongside Asakusa.
With "Enjoy Wa" (Wa = Japanese culture) being its concept, the ryokan displays many traditional Japanese masterpieces in various places, and will welcome you with its warmest hospitality.
We hope your stay will help you get away from the everyday chaos and allow you to have the most relaxing time.

We look forward to welcoming you to our ryokan.

Kaminarimon Ryokan




Kaminarimon Ryokan
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Kaminarimon Ryokan


Kaminarimon Ryokan